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So, you’ve done all the renovations, got the wifi up and running, the coffee beans are in the kitchen and the doors are open and ready for guests… but you can’t seem to bring in the amount of business you were hoping for. Let’s change that. As a photographer and social media consultant, I can help you develop, curate and share your personality through social media sites, such as Instagram and Facebook. Through beautifully curated photographs and well crafted posts, we will make your home a destination.

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Does your business need a social media boost? Are you falling short when it comes to posting products or finding it too time consuming to keep up? Instead of hating social media, pass it on to someone you trust to represent your brand. My experience in running social media for a local coffee shop and a nationally recognized museum means I understand the impact social media can have on your future. I also understand how frustrating it can get. I can change that.


Over the years I have run into people who wish they knew more about their cameras or editing, but didn’t know how to take that next step. Nothing I have learned has been for free, whether it was my time or my hard earned dollar, I have spent countless sleepless nights teaching myself camera techniques, Lightroom skills and photography theory. However, I am now in a position I never thought I would be in, a position to teach others. Let’s team up, sit down at a coffee shop and learn, create some magic, no question is too small and no coffee mug too large.


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- Joss Whedon