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Love Story:

What makes you love your partner? What brings a smile to your face when you think about spending forever and a day with the person you love most in the world? Is it staying in on a Saturday night, watching bad TV with a bag of microwave popcorn? Hiking into the woods? Do you love spending time with family? Maybe you're all about an evening at the local brewery, playing board games and enjoying a beer.

Whatever your love story is, whatever it has evolved into and whatever it might become, my only mission is to capture that in its most genuine nature. 

My point is this: there's no love story in the world like yours. 


Dream Client:

Genuine love is incredibly special to me.

The unique way in which love manifests itself between all humans is a sacred testament to the future well-being of this word. You and your partner, whether newly together, newly engaged, or newly wed, exude your particular brand of love.

Every couple has a brand, a unique spice of love. And, every couple has a dream, just as every little girl had dreams of her wedding day, there was a boy dreaming of his too.

Some little girls, like me, would dream of other things; "saving the world," teaching a new generation of kids, visiting the far off countries of Morocco, Istanbul and Budapest, which she'd only ever seen on TV. So, for some, a wedding is a truly insignificant milestone (but, still an important day) when they think about all the happy years they will spend with their partner.

Whether you've been dreaming of your day for years, or spent the last month throwing a plan together, you should find someone you trust and *dare I say it* LIKE as a human, to capture those memories.

THEREFORE, my favorite couples spend less of their time and energy worrying about what others will think of their day and focus more on celebrating their love their way. Their special day will be a reflection of who they are as a couple. 




Running to the courthouse to marry your partner, we can make the day entirely your own; picture a picnic in the park, a beer in the brewery, walking up the courthouse steps and signing your marriage license where you promptly began celebrating with your closest friends.

– backyard

A select amount of family and friends gather in yours/your families/a friends backyard for a uniquely simple and secluded day, celebrating you and your partners special spice of love. There will be food, fun, and you won't have to worry about the DJ, because it will probably be your dad, on his iPhone.


This one is easy for me. 17 countries and a handful of states later, I am who I am because of the places I've visited. What place means the most to you and your partner? To Italy, to Morocco, to the small town in Iowa where you met.


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